hi i'm abby an 18 year old slowly pursuing my life becoming a cat lady.

I was lost in your eyes while you were lost on her
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Sometimes I just realize how stupid I am
You may love him.
You may even think you need him.
But that does not mean he is any good for you.
Sometimes, what you want and what’s best for you are two very, very different things.
I know the sun shines brighter when he’s there, baby girl. But he keeps leaving, and you deserve someone who will stay.
I understand that you love him so much you feel an ache in your bones when you’re not touching his neck.
But don’t you realize you spend more time crying over him than anything else?
The bravest thing you can do is let him go. I know it’s hard, God, I know. But you can’t keep setting yourself on fire for someone who stays to watch you burn.
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Maybe one day you will love me. But I don’t think I can wait.
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I loved him so much it hurt. He didn’t love me, but told me he did. That hurt even more.
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